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    Listed below are answers to most of the frequently asked questions we received. Still can't find the answer you're looking for? Just contact us or email us at info@cor5.com and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have about COR5 or our products.

What is COR5?

COR5 is a set of online user-friendly applications that are scientifically proven to improve performance at work – whether it’s for you or your employees or co-workers. Right now, COR5 applications focus on 3 specific business needs:

  • COR Development: Personal assessment tools that can help you gain insight into the areas where you excel and the areas where you could use some improvement.
  • COR Talent: Can help you make better hiring decisions, help you ID people who can contribute at a greater level and coach and develop talent so they can advance.
  • COR Sales: Can help your sales force assess their skills at the various stages of the selling process to capitalize on their strengths and improve upon their weaknesses. COR Sales also helps sales people “people read” a client.

Who uses COR5?

COR5’s applications can help virtually everyone in the workplace. From CEO’s to Human Resources, COR5 has the answers:

  • COR Development can help anyone improve – CEOs, Managers, Co-workers or Human Resources – by helping them learn about their strengths and limitations.
  • COR Talent was designed for Managers, Sales Managers, HR people and Owners to help them hire better or identify the strongest performers in their organization who are ripe for advancement.
  • COR Sales was created to help Sales People and Sales Managers who are looking to improve their selling techniques as well as gain critical insights into potential new customers in order to adjust their sales tactics and close the deal.

How will COR5 benefit me or my company?

On a personal level, COR5 can help you learn more about yourself. You’ll learn about your strengths and how to continue to improve upon them. A benefit you gain from COR5’s applications is powerful insights and actions for capitalizing on your key strengths and valuable growth opportunities.

From a business perspective, COR5 can help companies save money by hiring the right people or easily identifying the top performers who are ready for advancement. Our proven tools let you customize to your own specific hiring or internal employee selection. Capitalize on “new talent” as well as strengthening their contributions. Putting the right people in the right positions saves time and money!

And COR5 can help companies grow by providing their sales teams with the tools they need to improve their performance and better understand potential new customers in order to adjust their sales tactics. Also, our applications focus on selling to different types of prospects/customers, people reading and influencing.

What does COR5 cost?

You can create a COR5 account at no cost to you. COR5 @Work’s applications are priced by credits, with most applications requiring 5 credits. At $4.00 to $5.00 per credit, that’s significantly less than other online assessment tools. And some applications are even free! Check out our pricing page for a complete price chart for all of our applications.

How is COR5 different from other online assessments?

COR5 gives you 5 distinct assessments – more than just DISC. Most online assessments focus on one aspect that either generalize or provide only a partial picture. COR5 accepts and more fully describes the reality of who we and others are because it’s the only system that looks at both levels of motivations as well as capabilities related to development. COR5 is a total system that focuses on making simple solutions to understand and apply key insights and actions that are driven by describing the differences among people.

Additionally, compared to other competitors’ systems, COR5 is very cost effective. Simply put, you get more for less.

How can I get started?

Getting started is as easy as opening a free account and completing the COR5 Self-Assessment profile. This will give you a good idea what we do at COR5, and our breadth of applications for improving workplace performance.

Does COR5 really work?

COR5 is based on tested, painstaking research by Dr. O'Connor. COR5 comprises five models of human behavior and performance that enhance success. Here are some examples of COR5 in action:

  • Hiring Winning Performers:The typical current hiring success rate other than for seasonal and transitional jobs is 10% to 25% at best. Using the COR5 products as recommended with our Effective Hiring process that is embedded in this software, we helped a large company hire 33 new salespeople---ALL of whom proved to be highly successful, and several more so than other salespeople previously hired by them before embracing the Cor5 hiring concepts and products as an extraordinary example of the power of these tools.
  • Strengthening Your Culture & Leadership Through Cor5: One of the companies we worked with had a truly remarkable success story. It once was the lowest-performing company within its industry sector. After initiating a culture and leadership team change, it moved to the average financial performance level and then, a few years later was in the top quartile in one of the most difficult regions. A key to this dramatic turnaround that continues today is its total immersion and consistent use of the COR5 products in its hiring, development, and promotional practices. Among the successes they’ve experienced is a very high level of successful hires (85%), very high employee satisfaction and retention rate (90% plus), and extraordinary track record of growing its own internal management-leadership successors (95% internal promotions).
  • From Successful Leader To Industry Icon:The COR5 products and concepts have tremendous power to transform those who seriously seek to understand and apply them for both greater success and fulfillment—for themselves and others. One of the best examples is our former client, Pete, an end-user leader-manager who used this know-how to become a legend in his own industry. He took advantage of this new “know-how” to better understand, predict, and influence customers, employees, leaders, partners, other owners, boards, and others by focusing on what he liked to call their ‘soft’ and ‘hard-wiring.’ He used this to successfully manage a variety of businesses, develop many direct reports (and, in turn, theirs by learning and applying this same know-how) as a self-made success story as a person from humble roots.