• What is COR5 @Work?

    COR5 @Work is a scientifically proven way to improve performance at work – whether it’s for you or your employees. The COR5 applications can help you find the right talent for a position (when hiring from the outside or from within), improve your company’s sales performance, and identify your own personal strengths and opportunities to achieve more. Explore each of our offerings below and get started for free!

    You’ll see how COR5 @Work can quickly help you or your team perform better.



COR5 @Work is based on rigorous, proven science from distinguished behavioral researchers over the past 25 years. Experts who understand human behavior. What motivates your staff, what inspires them and how to develop talent for peak performance. You can also use COR5 @Work’s easy-to-use tools for capitalizing on your own strengths. So whether you want to increase performance of your staff or yourself, COR5 helps you get there quickly.  

COR Talent Applications

This essential set of applications helps you to hire better people or identify those already on your team – those one-of-a-kind individuals with proven characteristics that lead to success.

COR Sales Applications

Improving sales starts by improving your sales team's tactics and practices. Give your team the tools they need to know how to sell effectively and the insight to better read customers and adjust sales efforts for the close. 

COR Development Application 

See what COR5 can do for your team by learning about yourself. COR Development starts with a simple FREE profile that identifies strengths and opportunities to be more effective. 

Do more. Be more. Achieve more.

Who uses COR5 @Work and why?

Category Application Benefit Anyone Managers Sales People Sales Managers Owners/ Senior Management HR
COR Development Your COR5 Profile Take a free tour assessment and learn about your strengths and self-limitations
COR Talent Job Profiling Whether hiring from outside or promoting within, our Job Profiling application allows you and your associates to identify the key characteristics that will lead to success. This can then be used to guide your assessment of others using the COR5 system as well as guiding your actual interviewing.
Effective Hiring Make your next hire your best hire. Increases your probability of hiring strong performers.
High Potential Assessment Chances are some of your strongest performers are already on board. Identify who is ripe for advancement and how to to get them there.
COR Sales High Performance Selling Learn how to effectively leverage each sales situation for you and your team.
The Selling Process Are you sure of what to say at each stage of a sale?
Know how to approach your sales efforts at each stage of the selling process.
Selling to Customers Every customer is different.
This tool helps you to sell to different types of customers at each stage of the sales process.
Understanding your Customers Wouldn't you like to know the best way to approach a tough prospect? This application helps you understand what makes a specific customer or prospect tick, and how to close the sale.