Why should I use this App?

Predicting success is never easy, especially when the requirements for success are not clearly understood in the first place.  Accurate Job Profiling is not a common talent found among managers.  Many times its difficult for managers to precisely define what's needed to be successful at a specific position - and then attempt to successfully fill that position with a high performer. 
$100 billion a year is wasted by US companies alone for job–related costs as a direct result of underperformers.  Why - often because the companies are unable to accurately profile a position or the successful job candidates. 

COR Talent's Job Profiling Application assesses and profiles the job based on both motivations and capabilities, identifying those key characteristics that cannot be derived through traditional job descriptions.  Years of experience and research have been integrated into the Job Profiling application to help you understand what is needed for a successful hire for any position in your company.


  • Accurate Job Profiling helps you understand what is needed to successfully fill a position
  • Properly align the essential skill sets needed for current employees and future hires
  • Ensure positions are filled with satisfied and engaged employees who will perform better and significantly impact morale across your entire workforce
  • Improve your company's efficiency and productivity without the high cost of outside consultant services
The Job Profiling application is free. AND, the Job Profiles you create here can be used again and again as Job Profile Templates for your existing and future Effective Hiring Projects and High Potential Assessment Projects. Go ahead and profile your company's unique Jobs, so you're ahead of the game when it's time to fill a position!

How it Works

  • Set up a Job Profiling Project for a Position
  • Invite managers, colleagues, and co-workers to access and profile the Job using COR5 Tools to create a Desired Job Profile, which determines what will drive success in that Position
  • Get quick results through concise, easy to understand reports and graphs for an overview of what’s required to successfully fill the Position