Effective Hiring

Why should I use this App?

If you're like most companies, your success rate for long-term hiring is probably in the 10%-25% range.
The opportunity to increase this success rate to 75% is very achievable.  Our combination of both motivations and capabilities will help you select better candidates and develop a road map for bringing new hires up to speed.

COR5 can dramatically increase your hiring success. Save valuable time and money by hiring the perfect fit, the first time!


  • Significantly increase your hiring success rate
  • Place the right people in the right positions, the first time
  • Eliminate the need for high cost consulting services
  • Identify candidates' respective strengths and weaknesses for quicker onboarding
 Start hiring winners NOW!

How it Works

  • Set up an Effective Hiring Project for a position by inviting managers, colleagues, or co-workers to assess and profile the Job to create a Desired Job Profile, to determine the ideal fit
  • Invite Job Candidates to complete their own profiles
  • COR5 compares each Candidate against all aspects of the Desired Job Profile and immediately shows the results, starting with the best fit first, and why