High Potential Assessment

Why should I use this App?

It’s hard to recognize top talent. There is a good chance some of your organization's top performers are just a cubicle away, but how would you know? Over 30 years of research has suggested that roughly one third of managers are well-suited to their positions. The low success rate is the direct result of organizations being unable to identify the right people. 
COR Talent's High Potential application will easily identify top performers already in your organization.  When key positions within your organization are filled with the right people, the sky’s the limit.

So, improve your success rate.  That high performer you're looking for may be right down the hall.


  • Leverage your current resources without going outside your organization
  • Place the right people in the right positions
  • Identify candidates' respective strengths and weaknesses to get them to peak performance quicker 

Identify the High Performers in your organization NOW!

How it Works

When starting a High-Potential project, you will provide brief project details and specify which co-workers and colleagues will contribute by providing their input to the process. COR5’s applications allow for multiple people from your office to participate in selecting the ideal candidate for the position. We recommend including at least one other contributor from your team to get an additional perspective of what is needed to identify the High-Potentials among your employees. In our experience, adding 3-5 members to your project is benefitial and allows for an even broader perspective when identifying High Potential employees.
Once you set the profile needed to assess a high-potential candidate, an email will be sent to the candidate, containing links to the required COR5 assessments, with instructions for completion. Simultaneously, other project members will receive similar links and provide their view of the candidate. The perceptions of key observers is critical, since they work with the candidate on a daily basis. Once completed you will have a detailed view of how well a given candidate matches the ideal profile, in both the candidate’s eyes and the eyes of key observers'.

  • Set up a High-Potential project for each employee you think is capable of contributing more.
  • Invite co-workers and colleagues to fill out COR5’s proven assessments, to determine their ideal candidate for the position.
  • High Potential performers complete an assessment of themselves – AND – managers/co-workers evaluate them on the same dimensions.
  • The results show how well the performer matches the ideal position, in the eyes of the performer and the team members.