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Getting the right talent in the right position is critical to your and your organization's success.  Research suggests that many companies don't get it right - in fact, less than 50% of hires are successful on average.

 COR Talent applications are designed to help you increase your odds of success and save your company time and money by identifying the right person for the job prior to hiring them.  And not only when bringing new hires in from the outside.  COR Talent applications also help you identify which of your current employees are ready to advance and perform at a higher level, allowing you to coach and develop the talent you already have working for you.

Additionally, COR Talent can also help you create precise job profiles (Free) for positions within your company.

Who uses COR Talent and why?

Category Application Benefit Anyone Managers Sales People Sales Managers Owners/ Senior Management HR
COR Talent Job Profiling Whether hiring from outside or promoting within, our Job Profiling application allows you and your associates to identify the key characteristics that will lead to success. This can then be used to guide your assessment of others using the COR5 system as well as guiding your actual interviewing.
Effective Hiring Make your next hire your best hire. Increases your probability of hiring strong performers.
High Potential Assessment Chances are some of your strongest performers are already on board. Identify who is ripe for advancement and how to to get them there.

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