• "COR5 can help you and your team sell more effectively in different stages of the sales process, as well as to different types of customers."
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COR Sales applications

Improving sales starts with understanding the inherent sales skills of you or your sales team. The COR Sales applications give your team the tools and insights they need to effectively sell for retail, consumer and business-to-business sales. COR Sales examines our ability to leverage the selling process and to sell to different customer types.

One of the challenges in effective selling is reading your customers.  Understanding what motivates them to buy is critical to closing.  COR Sales includes a people-reading application to help you increase your close rate.  After answering a few questions about a prospect or customer, COR Sales offers specific communication tips for connecting, influencing and closing with a customer.

COR Sales helps both individuals and sales teams.  Create a community for your sales team where each member can assess their skills and people-read clients/prospects. Sales managers also have the ability to see the strengths and opportunities of their team and coach each member for greater performance.

Who uses COR Sales and why?

Category Application Benefit Anyone Managers Sales People Sales Managers Owners/ Senior Management HR
COR Sales High Performance Selling Learn how to effectively leverage each sales situation for you and your team.
The Selling Process Are you sure of what to say at each stage of a sale?
Know how to approach your sales efforts at each stage of the selling process.
Selling to Customers Every customer is different.
This tool helps you to sell to different types of customers at each stage of the sales process.
Understanding your Customers Wouldn't you like to know the best way to approach a tough prospect? This application helps you understand what makes a specific customer or prospect tick, and how to close the sale.

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