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If you're like most companies, no more than 20% of your workforce consistently meets or exceeds expectations.  However, most employees want to keep their job or improve and advance themselves.  How do we get them there?

Our COR Development application has been designed to help you see your employees' true strengths and opportunities. And by understanding your own tendencies, COR5 helps you get the most out of your staff.  Unlike other other talent development systems, COR5 is based on a time tested system which examines 5 aspects of motivations and capabilities that shape development.


  • Communicate more effectively
  • Develop your staff to the highest level
  • Increase overall performance of your team
  • Easy to use development tools
  • See for yourself at no cost

Who uses COR Development and why?

Category Application Benefit Anyone Managers Sales People Sales Managers Owners/ Senior Management HR
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