What is COR5?

Ever had a situation where you thought, “I wish that had gone better”?   Whether hiring, evaluating talent in your organization, or even assessing your company's sales efforts, we've all had situations where we could have performed better.
COR5 is tailor made to help you get the most out of these situations, and more.

So how does COR5 help me?

COR5 is a set of online applications that help you become more successful and more satisfied.
Based on proven models, the easy-to-use COR5 applications simply help you perform better.  There are currently three key applications:

COR Talent: Applications to help you hire and evaluate talent more effectively

COR Sales:  Follow our High Performance sales tactics for higher close rates

COR Development: Applications to increase performance in all facets of your work.

No need to download lengthy PDFs or 100-page manuals to get started.  With COR5, everything you need to increase performance – today – is right here.

Developed by a recognized behavioral expert.

COR5 was developed by Dr. Michael J. O'Connor, an internationally respected behavioral expert researcher who’s dedicated his life to developing and applying these essential tools to the workplace and at home. Used for management coaching, sales training and hiring/developing talent, COR5 applications are practical, intuitive tools that pinpoint exactly what people or companies want – and need – to succeed.

COR5: More. For less!

Typically, other performance assessment models can cost as much as $39 to $75 per assessment. Now, COR5 makes these tools and applications available at a very affordable price. In fact, some COR5 applications are absolutely free!  And, COR5 is the only performance model that looks at 5 distinct aspects of motivations and capabilities. 


Complete your own set of Personal Assessments now and see first hand how the powerful COR5 Tools can improve you and your entire organization.